Assets Expirations

Future Contracts are contracts of buying and selling of a particular Asset that ends in 1 or 2 months. The rate of such agreements fluctuates throughout market trading hours and consider quite suitable trading tool. When the contract expires, all trades will be shut automatically at 8:00PM GMT either in gain or loss.


Indices Expirations:DateCommodities Expirations:Date
CAC 4019-DEC-12Corn12-DEC-12
CAC 4016-JAN-13Corn13-MAR-13
CAC 4013-MAR-13Corn13-MAY-13
CAC 4019-JUN-13Corn13-JUL-13
CAC 4018-SEP-13Corn13-SEP-13
CAC 4018-DEC-13Corn13-DEC-13
DAX 3019-DEC-12Natural Gas26-NOV-12
DAX 3013-MAR-13Natural Gas25-DEC-12
DAX 3019-JUN-13Natural Gas28-JAN-13
  Natural Gas25-FEB-13
Dow Jones19-DEC-12Natural Gas25-MAR-13
Dow Jones13-MAR-13Natural Gas24-APR-13
Dow Jones19-JUN-13Natural Gas27-MAY-13
  Natural Gas24-JUN-13
FTSE 10019-DEC-12Natural Gas26-JUL-13
FTSE 10013-MAR-13Natural Gas27-AUG-13
FTSE 10019-JUN-13Natural Gas24-SEP-13
FTSE 10018-SEP-13Natural Gas28-OCT-13
  Natural Gas25-NOV-13
Nikkei5-MAR-13Crude Oil17-DEC-12
Nikkei10-SEP-13Crude Oil18-JAN-13
Nikkei11-JUN-13Crude Oil18-FEB-13
  Crude Oil18-MAR-13
Nasdaq 10019-DEC-12Crude Oil19-APR-13
Nasdaq 10013-MAR-13Crude Oil20-MAY-13
Nasdaq 10019-JUN-13Crude Oil18-JUN-13
  Crude Oil19-JUL-13
S&P 50019-DEC-12Crude Oil19-AUG-13
S&P 50013-MAR-13Crude Oil18-SEP-13
S&P 50019-JUN-13Crude Oil21-OCT-13
S&P 50018-SEP-13Crude Oil18-NOV-13
S&P 50018-DEC-13Crude Oil17-DEC-13
BEL 2019-DEC-12  
BEL 2016-JAN-13  
BEL 2013-MAR-13