Trading Platforms


UTC is like a power station of brokerage that is running by the world’s top ranked and leading trading technologies and platforms. Every platform is customized for a specific field or way of trading to meet the needs of our clients.For example UTC Mobile is for the trading active from any mobile phone, UTC Web for easy on-line approach to your account from any PC anywhere in the world, UTC Download Trader , is one of the most famous Forex platform in the world.

You can find out more about each platform below and then it will be an easy decision for you to choose the best platform of your choice that suits your needs. All these can be accessed by your UTC login account.

UTC Web Trader Platform

With the help of our virtual brokers, you can trade wherever you want with our online platforms like web trader, which is accessible from any computer without any pre downloading required. Another example is i-phone application, which give you an advantage to trade anytime without any brokerage involved. Our web based platforms comprises of all of the important characteristics and functions that anybody require to trade at anytime and that can be utilized at your home, office, or anywhere you want.

UTC Trader Platform Mobile

You should never lose the opportunity to trade from your i-phone, Android Mobile, iPod & iPad as UTC mobile platform empowers you to trade, maintain your account and get fiscal markets anytime from any place in the world and most importantly for free. Our mobile applications are impressive enough to get the attention of even most experienced traders, while these are so user friendly to benefit all level of traders.

UTC Download Trader Platform

One of the world’s most famous platform is UTC Download Trader which has been made not only for Forex trading but also have the ability to deliver CFDs and other features related to trading.  It is desirable not only for those who just started trading but also suitable to the experienced ones. Even it fulfills the most requiring Forex needs. With its authentic on-line trading, being user friendly, developed technical analysis and approach to fiscal affairs and events, No doubt that UTC Web trader is the most renowned Forex trading platform in the world