Stock Trading at UTC BROKER

UTC broker’s traders can attain the ability of the international stock markets with the help of our online trading facilities. You can just begin with the shares of some of the most productive companies in the world like:

Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc.

Take a considerable advantage of your Forex trade strategy by trading in the stock market with quick actions on both long term as well as short term trading. You will need to sign into the UTC Broker online trading platforms and right away gain from trading shares online with our supportive trading system with 24/7 trading help.

Advantages of Trading Stocks:

Trade the Two Way Market:

Trades have the benefit of being able to generate profit whether the stock market raise or fall. With UTC Broker it doesn’t matter if it is a bull or bear, traders can still trade the stocks with success. You can still utilize risk management strategies for example Stop Loss and bound orders to enhance the potential profit.

The Power of Leverage:

Forex trading allows traders to leveraging the stock positions by big ratios. So it means little sum of capital entails a bigger position in the market, leverages while trading at UTC Broker is 1:20.

Zero Commissions:

Cost of trading is very low at UTC Broker because of no existence of commission, exclusively low and pure spreads. Initiate trading shares at UTC Broker, with determined spreads at lowest prices.

Diversify your Trading Portfolio:

Your portfolio can be flourished by trading at UTC Broker. In one day’s session of trading, there is always a stock which outclasses the others, creating a tremendous each day trading chances.

Instant Execution of Market Orders

Carry out trading right away from real-time running prices. Identify trading positions on our system with quick operation velocities and delightful fixed spreads.

Trading Hours for Popular Stocks

14:31 until 20:59

StocksTrading Hours (GMT):Down Time (GMT):
Google14:31 until 20:5920:59 until 14:31
Amazon14:31 until 20:5920:59 until 14:31
Microsoft14:31 until 20:5920:59 until 14:31
Facebook14:31 until 20:5920:59 until 14:31
Chevron14:31 until 20:5920:59 until 14:31

View Trading Hours for all tradable stocks.

Spreads for the Most Popular Stocks


View spreads for all tradable stocks.

Minimum Amounts

StocksTickerMinimum units
Minium Units
Minium units
Minium units
Minium units
Exxon MobileXOM1060100250500
JP MorganJPM251402506001250
Goldman SachsGS850100200400