Lowest Deposit Range of $1000 to $4999:

Some serious traders who are quite conscious about investing with Forex, they must experience our recommended standard membership account. Majority of the traders discovered our standard membership as the best available option to start their investment with Forex world. With complete customer help with individual training by trading, distant help and extra marketing services, the standard members can avail the fundamentals of each trader demands. Standard members also receive an improved spreads with the help of which they can be more flexible in their trades. Traders who are serious about investing with Forex and they just started, UTC Standard membership is the best option for them.


Advantages and characteristics:

  • Day-to-day MarketStudies

  • Day-to-day Recommendations and suggestions

  • Day-to-day Outlook Videos and reviews on Weekly basis

  • Trade throughout Forty Five currency pairs

  • Lowest Trade volume: $10,000

  • Deal Commodities and Indices

  • Highly Competitive Spreads

  • Availability of trading Room Support

  • Individual training with Trading

  • Distant Help

  • Extensive Advancement Offers

  • Leverage 200:1

  • Lowest deposit volume of $1000

  • Quick execution

  • Single click trading