CFD Trading at UTC Broker

Contract for Difference shortly said CFD. These are contacts to buy or sell a particular stock or valuable the life of which is usually for only one or may be for couple of months. Buying or selling of Commodities and indices like Gas, oil and the NASDAQ as CFDs. Different CFDs have different trading hours throughout which the rate keep varies. Every CFD has a termination date as well. On that date all open trades of that particular CFD will be closed by default at 20:00 GMT regardless it’s in gain or loss.


Why Trade CFDs?

Longer Trading Hours

CFDs have trading advantage of more trading hours more than any direct trading in a stock exchange. For instance if you are interested to buy an index like the S&P500 or FTSE, you will normally require to buy them throughout United States trading hours or UK trading hours accordingly. CFD trading of these indexes gives you a clear trading edge of more trading hours of a single day for trading.

Live Prices

Unlike to the normal stock trading, CFDs trading is done by using live prices and without any delay. For instance if you are interested to purchase commodities like Oil, you will normally require to wait for the quotation first. CFD trading of these commodities gives you a clear trading edge of trading with live prices.

Efficient use of Capital

CFDs trading give you an advantage of leverage, which intends that you can trade with 50USD or ever more for each dollar in your account. Hence it lets you to pull up your exposure even with the minor opening investment. For instance you have opened a Gold account with the balance of Five thousand USD and you will have the option to trade in CFDs worth 250,000 USD.

Profit when Markets Rise or Fall

CFDs trading indices have the ability to generate profit from particular markets. However a currency can be affected by a broad range of components, indices respond right away to particular market info. For instance when CPI in the United Kingdome falls below prospects, we can anticipate the FTSE to comply suit, hence gaining from a down market

Profit on Better Performance

CFDs trading are possible through pairs as well. This is a renowned way to gain on the expectation that one stock market outclass the other stock market. CFDs trading in pairs merely unlock a long place on an index and short place in other in pair. Market ups and downs don’t affect the pair trading.

Trading Hours for Popular CFDs

IndicesTrading Hours (GMT):Down Time  (GMT):
NASDAQ22:30 until 22:1522:15 until 22:30
Nikkei22:30 until 22:1522:15 until 22:30
CAC7:00 until 21:0021:00 until 7:00
DAX7:00 until 21:0021:00 until 7:00
AEX7:00 until 16:0016:00 until 7:00

View Trading Hours for all tradable assets.

Spreads for the Most Popular CFDs

NASDAQ$ 3.5$ 3$ 2.5$ 2$ 1.5
Dow Jones$ 6.5$ 6$ 5.5$ 5$ 4.5
S&P500$ 1.5$ 1.2$ 1$ 0.8$ 0.5
FTSE$ 4.5$ 4$ 3$ 2.5$ 2